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In Direct Primary Care, patients pay a predictable monthly membership fee and have direct access to their doctor via text, email, and easy-to-schedule in-person visits at a convenient uptown office. Direct Primary Care takes insurance out of the equation so there is no interference of corporate business incentives with the practice of excellent medicine. Direct Primary care enables doctors to see many fewer patients than they do in the traditional insurance model of care, so the doctor can spend more time with patients, which enhances both the doctor’s and the patient’s healthcare experience. A key factor in Direct Primary Care is price transparency for patients, which ultimately saves the patient money. Direct Primary Care is medicine the way it should be--personal.


Poppy Direct Care caters to the specific primary care needs of young adults (Ages 18-45), and can be especially helpful for undergraduate or graduate students who don't have time to wait for doctor's appointments, want the ease of texting their doctor when something comes up, and value the culture of care and service that Poppy Direct Care provides.



To empower patients to reach their true health potential with the genuine support of an experienced, committed, Primary Care Physician who will provide direct access, authentic, personalized care, and predictable, transparent pricing.


To be a dynamic leader in promoting lifelong health in our patients and the surrounding community by shifting the culture of healthcare from business centric to patient focused.


To serve our patients with integrity, compassion, and a fierce dedication to patient autonomy, evidence-based medicine, and a culture of respect for our patients, our community, and each other.


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