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Membership Options:

Sustainable Membership

This rate reflects the standard cost of a general membership:

A one time enrollment fee of $100


For the first 100 patients, enrollment fee is waived!

$99 per month

*Soon enrolling ages 18-45

"Found Family" Discount

(as opposed to family of origin,

a found family is your chosen family)
Automatic discount applied for groups with a single payer:

10% off for groups of 2-3, and 15% off for groups of 4 or more. Enrollment fee caps at $500 per group

Eating Concerns Care Membership

A one time enrollment fee of $100


$299 per month

*Soon enrolling ages 18-45

Members who are using our services for medical monitoring of an Eating Disorder often need frequent visits and collaboration of care with the other members of their team (Dietician, Therapist, Psychiatrist). The membership price for this level of care is intentionally higher to protect the time needed to accomplish this level of care.

Please call us to discuss need-based scholarships.

Other Options Besides Membership:

Re-enrollment Fee: $300

One time visit fee: $200 (goes toward membership if you join). This price is intentionally high and we have very limited availability for these type of visits in order to protect access to our office for our current members.

One time visits are for acute illnesses only like strep throat or an ear infection, not chronic disease management. We do not fill out school or trip forms during one time visits.

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