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Tulane University student

"I want to thank you for all the support and attention you have provided throughout my recovery journey. I truly could not have done it without you! Your commitment to ensuring my well-being has made a significant impact on both my physical and emotional recovery."

Ethan MC, Tulane Student

"Dr. Holt has exactly the combination of empathy and expertise that you want from a doctor, but that you so rarely get. My life is immeasurably better for having stepped into her office."

Audrey, Medical Student

"Dr. Holt is one of the most compassionate and thoughtful physicians I have ever met. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her patients feel cared for and receive the best treatment possible. I have been dealing with chronic pain for years, and she took her time to create a treatment plan that I felt comfortable with and would truly help. I would highly recommend anyone to have her as their primary care physician."

Tulane University student

"Dr. Holt was kind and supportive helping me towards recovery, she really made the process as smooth as possible. I can’t speak highly enough about her."

J.S. – NOLA-based Grad Student

"Dr. Holt is the only medical doctor I've ever had a positive experience with and that I trust with my body. I truly believe she goes above and beyond in her patient care. When I walk into my appointments with her, I know that she is going to treat me as a whole person, and not just another nameless patient. I feel that my humanity is honored, no matter what I come to her for. When I first started graduate school, my health was a mess in many departments. The first time I met Dr. Holt I broke down crying because of how much physical pain I was in, and how often doctors had ignored my pain throughout my entire life. Her immediate response was to validate my pain and provide me with as many options as possible. When it came to my mental health, she acted with the sense of urgency I needed at the time and gave me a multi-faced solution rather than a quick fix.  Though that first conversation about medication happened three years ago, she has followed up with me about it during every appointment since. She has made me feel empowered to care for my body in a way that I have never felt before. She makes me feel that I have agency and choices when it comes to my health. She never dismisses any issues I bring up, and never makes me feel embarrassed about the questions I have. She always takes the time to provide both big and small solutions that make sense for your life.  Furthermore, she always provides me with enough information so that I know what is happening with my body and so that I can make informed decisions in the future. I am constantly amazed by the holistic approach that she takes when offering solutions and has really shifted my mindset around what medical care should look like. She has helped me build a team of medical professionals (including my physical therapist, nutritionist, and therapist) whom I feel safe and comfortable with. She puts in a great deal of effort to destigmatize so many issues – whether that be mental health, fatphobia, or sexual shame. I cannot overstate how important that has been to build trust with her, and to feel safe going to the doctor. Overall, I feel that she takes me seriously, approaches my body with curiosity in a way that I was never taught to, and never makes me feel like my body is the issue.  Being her patient has truly been a revolutionary experience, and it constantly makes me wish that I could have had doctors as empathetic and caring as her throughout my life. "
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